9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi, my blodgroup is A-ve, would I be able to go normal delivery?

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Answer: Same here..mine also A-ve normal delivery Ho sakta he..
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Question: Hi My son is 2.3 years old. Should i buy him a tricycle or he would be able to ride a bicycle?
Answer: Hi, you can buy him a bicycle with side wheels your baby should be able to ride that with support. Take care
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Question: My weight is 80kg. My expected delivery is February 16,will I be able to go for normal delivery?
Answer: Hi dear surely u can have normal delivery. here are a few tips which worked for me and also if you have some experienced female with you try to talk to them it will give you more confidence: Take childbirth education classes Convey your desire of having a normal birth  Keep a healthy diet  Exercise regularly  Let the baby choose the due date  Sleep adequately Take care, all the best. 
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Question: I donot have a marriage certificate...would i be able to deliver smoothly in a hospital?
Answer: Yes you can deliver in a hospital without marriage certificate. No issues regarding that. But you can apply for one if you might need in future
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