14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi docr. My hd level is 11.2 in 14 th week ...Is it normal

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Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy,the Hb level should be minimum 12.you should start iron supplements to increase it.dietary iron along with supplements should increase your hb.consume the following to increase Hb: 1- green leafy vegetables like spinach 2- beans and lentils 3- whole grains 4- eggs and meat 5-fruits like apple and pomegranate 6- animal protein like eggs,meat Try to eat it along with vitamin C rich food to increase the absorption. Donot take calcium and iron supplements together.if the hb remains low in later stages too,doctor prescribes injections for quick rise in hb,which is quite beneficial.
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    Pooja Barge593 days ago

    thanq so much for brief info..

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Question: Hiii.. My HB level is 11.2.. Is this normal..
Answer: Hiii.. Yes it is good level. Hb more than 10 through out pregnancy is good for baby growth and development. Good luck.
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Question: my hb is 11.2 is it normal?
Answer: Hi yes your hb is normal ut should be above 10.2 But still it can drop at any time as in pregnancg your baby also needs blood for growth. Sharing some tips to increase your hb. : To increase the level of haemoglobin in pregnant women, including food sources which are rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, iron content, folic acid, etc. Here is a list of what to eat to increase haemoglobin during pregnancy: 1. Leafy Vegetable Green vegetables, especially the leafy green ones are very rich in Iron. For example coriander, spinach, mint and fenugreek. These vegetables are also rich in other vitamins and nutrients essential for pregnancy. 2. Dry Fruits Dates and dry figs are very good in increasing haemoglobin levels. Other dry fruits like walnuts, raisins and almonds will also help in increasing the level of haemoglobin during pregnancy. 3. Pulses Pulses add a good amount of iron and protein to a meal. Have them like salad, soup or add them to bread for good results. Peas, Lentils and beans have a good number of vitamins, minerals, fibre, iron and protein that makes a balanced diet for pregnant women. 4. Fresh fruits Eating fresh fruits like pomegranate and oranges are the best way to increase the level of haemoglobin during pregnancy. Pomegranates are very rich in iron content. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system of the body and in turn boost haemoglobin levels. Other fruits like Kiwi, peach, grapefruit, guava are also rich in iron. 5. Vegetables rich in Folic Acid Folic acid is significantly involved in the production of haemoglobin. Vegetables like corn, banana, turnips, sprouts, avocado, lettuce, lady finger, etc. are very rich in folic acid. 7. ABC Morning Smoothie ABC stands for Apple, Beetroot and Carrot. This juice is an excellent Indian food to improve the level of haemoglobin during pregnancy.
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Question: My hb is 11.2 is it normal
Answer: Hello Yes it is normal. Don't worry. You can have some pomegranate if you feel it's not enough. I think 10 is the starting range for normal hb. Hope this helped you alot
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