10 months old baby

Question: Hi My Girl baby is 310 days old.... She is head only heat Why? Tell me

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Answer: Dont worry....In some children especially for high active children it is very common . But also consult to your Doctor once
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    Elavarasi Balachandar115 days ago

    Thank you sister

Answer: While teething it will be
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    Elavarasi Balachandar119 days ago

    But already 4 teeth came sis

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Question: Hi my baby girl is 22 days old. She is having rashes pink colour like heat rashes. Is it normal?
Answer: yes it's quiet normal.. no need to worry.. it will go by their own.. use chicco face cream it really works!!😊
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Question: Hai my baby is 4 month old .. His head was always very heat.. Y??? Then how can reduced the head heat from my baby... Pls tell me mams
Answer: If your baby is not having fever,then its fine for the head to be hot.some children who have heat body's do hv hot head.
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Question: Hi my baby girl is 68 days old.. Her weight is 4 kgs.. please tell me is she underweight??
Answer: no dear your baby's weight is ok. the average weight is as i know 4.5 kg.
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