10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi my first pregnancy is cesarean are there any chances of free delivery in second pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear it's impossible but there is a less chance of normal delivery. I hope you have to go normal delivery.
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Question: Hi is there any chances of normal delivery for second as first delivery is C-section
Answer: Hi There are rare cases who gave normal birth after c section....if first is c section Sometimes utrerus might had ruptured with stitches and muscles lost elasticity to give normal birth next time...still docotrs ll try but do not take risk if chances is less..take care
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Question: hi my first pregnancy is C60 section are there any chances of free delivery in second pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear if your first delivery was a cesarean section It can be a normal delivery if you conceived 9 months after your first delivery then it is possible that you can go for a normal delivery as long as your reports are fine
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Question: Hi... Are there any chances of miscarriage in first and second month of pregnancy . If yes whhat are the reasons
Answer: Hello! Chances of miscarriage is high in the first trimester. However, the reasons are difficult to say. Sometimes some chromosomal defects might be the reason for miscarriage. Take care
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