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Question: Hi my first baby is 26 weeker she's fine bt hav some prob in eyes and now I'm pregnant with my second baby what kind of precoutions should I take this time?? thanks s

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Answer: Yes u can take a lil bit and take care of higene and must not b too spicy
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Question: Mam this is my second pregnency .my first son 4years old. Iam 26 years old iam already 71 kg loss weight what kind of you
Answer: Hi dear if u want to loose weight during pregnancy then best way Is to have 2 to 3 litre of water and do exercise with correct blend of diet which contains low fat and good combination of protein and vitaMins . Include 2 to 2 serving of fruits and use healthy oil like olive oil in ur regular diet. Avoid butter cheese ghee . Have whole grains. And strict ur diet . Don't eat sweet orjunk food. vefore doing any exercise do consult doctoe first.
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Question: I have feel little pain in my vagina at passing urine time ...this is my second pregnancy. .first is normal delivery .any problem for this kind of pain
Answer: It may b due to infectn...drink plenty of water...always stay hydrated..eat more fruits..nd if the pain persists den meet ur doctr... Urinary infctn is common during pregnancy...the cause is only lack of water-dehydration...the only soln is to prevent is to drnk watr... as u have pain in ur vagina..u jzy meet ur doc
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Question: my first baby aborted at 16th week because of week cervix.. now I'm second time conceived.. I want to travel to hospital for first checkup. by train traveling time s 6 hours..can i travel???
Answer: Hello! yes you can travel by train if your pregnancy is healthy.Nothing to worry about.
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