22 weeks pregnant mother

Hi my first baby is 26 weeker she's fine bt hav some prob in eyes and now I'm pregnant with my second baby what kind of precoutions should I take this time?? thanks s

Yes u can take a lil bit and take care of higene and must not b too spicy
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Question: Hi this s sindhu... Am 27 weeks pregnant... This s my second pregnancy...first delivery s ceaserian...is there any chance to have normal delivery now ??
Answer: If u take proper diet and proper exercise u will get normal delivery
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Question: I have feel little pain in my vagina at passing urine time ...this is my second pregnancy. .first is normal delivery .any problem for this kind of pain
Answer: It may b due to infectn...drink plenty of water...always stay hydrated..eat more fruits..nd if the pain persists den meet ur doctr... Urinary infctn is common during pregnancy...the cause is only lack of water-dehydration...the only soln is to prevent is to drnk watr... as u have pain in ur vagina..u jzy meet ur doc
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Question: my first baby aborted at 16th week because of week cervix.. now I'm second time conceived.. I want to travel to hospital for first checkup. by train traveling time s 6 hours..can i travel???
Answer: Hello! yes you can travel by train if your pregnancy is healthy.Nothing to worry about.
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