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Question: Hi, my feet are very dry and I have cracked heels. They look very ugly. It is a big problem as I am ashamed to wear chappals and sandals. Please suggest something.

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Answer: Hi dear. Don't worry at all. Cracked heels are not a medical issue. You can get rid of it by taking good care of yourself. I am sharing some remedies with you.Wash your feet and let them dry completely. Then apply some vegetable oil over the cracked heels and massage for a while. Wear socks and sleep. Wash it the next morning.Wash your feet with warm water and let them dry. Add few drops of lemon juice to a tsp of vaseline and apply on your feet. Wear socks and sleep. Wash it next morning.Add 1 cup of honey to a bucket of warm water. Dip your feet in the bucket for 20 minutes. Gently scrub your feet after soaking and wash it off.You can regularly massage your feet with coconut, olive, sesame (til) oil to keep your feet moisturised and wear socks to lock the moisture. Do it every 3 hours at home.All these are easy and affordable remedies which will show results soon. Don't worry and try them.
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    Khuba Ali122 days ago

    Getting your feet wet frequently may make them dry causing cracked skin...so try to prevent your feet from getting wet....also try using some creams specially made for cracked heels ......😊👍👍👍

Answer: Getting your feet wet frequently will make it dry causing cracked heels....so avoid your feet getting into water ...you can also try applying some creams specially made for cracked heels
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