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Question: hi my edd is completed my afi level is 9.2 so I want normal delivery it's chances r not

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Answer: Hello dear your AFI is level is on normal range... Afi in pregnancy should be 8-20cm.. Yes there are chances of normal delivery dear.. Go for walking in the fresh air morning and evening for 30-45 minutes and proper rest is important, also talk to your doctor about this clearly... Trust and follow your doctor suggestions dear
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Question: Afi level is 11.60cms its normal r not in 39 weeks completed
Answer: Yes I am your amniotic fluid level is very good according to your gestational age so please don't be worried, mine was also 12.5 cm when i was 39 weeks
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Question: i am 37 weeks pregnant, my AFI level is 9.2.Is this normal?
Answer: Hello dear, the AFI range during pregnancy is 8-18.. it gradually reduces as your pregnancy progresses preparing for the birth of your baby...
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Question: Hi, I m 39 weeks pregnant now, my edd is july 10, now my afi level is 8.2, is it ok for normal delivery??
Answer: Hi dear, As you approach the due date, AFI tends to fall. You AFI is normal as per gestation and normal delivery can be possible.
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Question: Hi all.. My AFI level is 8.5mm.. Is it safe? Normal delivery is possible with that level of AFI?
Answer: Yes dear, hope fully possible. One of my friend delivered normally with low fluid level & your fuid level is marginal and you are in your final weeks of pregnancy you can expect vaginal birth. Take care & hope for the best.
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