37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, my due date is feb15th..my doctor said ur amniotic fluid is low so a single loop of cord is around ur baby neck.. Is this danger for my baby, is it leads to c section?

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Answer: Hi dear as now u r in 37th week so there is more of chances for u to undergo c sec at this time. But that will be really good decision to go to make sure u n ur bahy would be healthy.
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Question: A cord of loop around babys neck is any danger for my babyyy pls rplyyyy
Answer: Hi. Dont worry its not a problem.baby get their oxygen through the cord. The only way it could cause a problem is if the umbilical cord became so compressed that it completely cut off the cord blood flow. Which usually happens when you get labour contractions,, at that time doctors will monitor heart rate of baby, if heart is is dropping during contractions or Baby not able to headdown our doctor will go for cesarean section, if nothing unusual vaginal delivery can be expected. Talk you your doctor.
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Question: Single tight loop cord seen around fetal neck .......is this leads to c section
Answer: Hello dear, Cord around the neck is commonly occurring in some of the births. Most of time, we don't know about it going into labor and the cord is simply unwrapped and the baby is fine. Rarely is the nuchal cord wrapped so tight that it causes the issue.
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Question: Today I done scan for 9mnth said nucal cord single loop around baby neck is it danger
Answer: No it is normal. While baby moving in the womb sometime it is happening. In my case samething happened but i deliver my baby normal.
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