40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi! my due date is 5th may,, but m not feeling any contraction or labour symptoms till now,, baby movements are good.m only feeling back aache n tight tummy, last week dr said baby abhi tk drop nh hua hai,, as my due date is near m worried,, please advise n is this normal?

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Answer: Yes dear its normal...Walk! Lots of walking helps the baby drop and when the baby drops your cervix will gradually begin opening and coming forward. But nothing is going to work until your body is ready During this time work well in the house go for walks and do anything you want. This is the reason old people make the ladies sweep the house this time. When you move around and work about, in one position, the head may just get the right angle and may slip into the pelvis, if it has not. Do not think that with five days what can happen. It takes only 1 minute for the process to occur. It is just like shaking the cushion cover well to fit the cushion. I would suggest you wait and do not lose hope. In this time keep a watch for four things. * Good baby movement. * No significant pain. * No leaking vaginally. * No bleeding vaginally. If none of these are seen, then you can wait till due date and definitely try for vaginal. Happy motherhood in advance. All the best.
Answer: Hii dis is purely normal U don't have to worry. The pain can start anytime .To induce labour pain u can do some exercises or yoga. Stay active. Have sex.oeriole says it helps a lot in starting labour pain. U can also have few spoon of castor oil to induce normal pain. Eat spicy foods. Some women massage their nipples as a way to induce labour. This stimulation brings about the release of oxytocin, which is the natural form of pitocin. Oxytocin causes contractions, which sometimes evolve into labour.
Answer: Hello! Yes, it happens to many ladies. You can wait till 42 weeks for the labor to start. For helping the baby to get fixed, walk a lot, drink plenty of water and if possible please use Indian toilet.
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Answer: Hello During your last few weeks of ur pregnancy the movements felt are very few due to the less available space this is completely normal. There is also abdominal pain or tight feeling. Due to the pressure ur baby s putting on the surrounding muscles and organs. Eat light meals take walks be happy and stress free. Labour Will not induce itself it ur stressed.
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