9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, my doctor prescribed Foleon 500 mcg i had this for one month knw i got Folsafe L 1500 mcg is tgere any problem to take this is both same??

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Answer: hi dear! so folsafe consists additional ingrediants as well so you can take folsafe l not a problem . both contains folic acid along with some extra ingrediants dear. as in the beginning when you were planning for pregnancy the dose that is given is approx 400-500mcg per day to be taken for one month but when you get pregnant the dose increases for the first 3 trimester dear. take care dear.
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Question: My 2 nd trimester has started doctor has prescribed me folsafe folic acid tab 1500 mcg plus even my calcium and iron tablets has 1000 mcg respectively is it fine to take so much folic acid pls reply
Answer: Folic acid is very much helpful to u and ur baby nothing to worry about that
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Question: I am 5 week pregnant. Doctor has prescribed folsafe l,ecosprin,metital 500,duphaston,and vaginal susten tablet. But she has not given me any iron calcium tablet.Is it not required now?And is folsafe l contains sufficient folic acid ?
Answer: In normal pregancy generally gyna prescribed folic acid , calcium and iron ..these all essential supplements and needed for baby growth ...folic acid is most imp to through out pregancy .
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Question: Hi I am 9 week 5days pregnant.i was taking Folsafe-L tablet before pregnancy and doctor asked me to continue this.later doctor prescribed me NVP care OD.is it safe to take both now?
Answer: Hi dear or false if is for Folic acid and nvp care Audi is to prevent nausea and vomiting if your doctor has asked you to continue this medicines you can there is no problem in continuing Folic acid as well .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am 14 weeks pregnant. I was taking Folsafe L till 11th week. After that my doctor asked to stop it and prescribed Next Anofer tablet. Is it enough for folic acid requirement or should Folsafe L be continued?
Answer: It's ok to stop folic acid and start another vitamins close to the end of 1st trimester don't worry. Take iron and calcium on time. Plus I advice you to drink MAMA protinex and eat walnut as omega 3 not present in our diet but it need for you and for your baby s proper brain development. Mama protinex contains it but walnuts is really good source of vitamins and omega 3 in no other nuts it can be found.
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