13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi my doc prescribed aspirin 150... is it very high dosage?

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Question: Hii.. m in 13th week . My doctr prescribed me aspirin 150 mg everyday after dinner. Aspirin is for what?? M having low lying placenta
Answer: Aspirin in pregnancy is prescribed for certain conditions in pregnancy low dose of aspirin is safe in pregnancy as your doctor has prescribed it you should use and ask this question to doctor she will clearly explain you.She knows better than any one else about your health.Tc.
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Question: Hi.. I'm in 13th week.. My doc prescribed aspirin every night.. Is it safe
Answer: yes it is absolutely safe you should take it as it will increase the blood supply to the uterus and ultimately increase the growth of the foetus
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Question: My gynecologist prescribed me 10mg aspirin once daily. Is it safe to take aspirin during pregnancy?
Answer: Aspirin is not good to take during pregnancy. Don't eat any tablets unless prescribed by your Doctor.
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