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Question: Hi... My dd has gradually developed habit of sucking thumb..in day time we don't let her suck much but at night whenever i wake up, i find her thumb in her mouth and when i remove it she becomes irritated and starts crying... I even applied bandaid on her thumb then also she cried... What shall i do to stop her from thumb sucking?

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Answer: What her age?? For an infant, thumb-sucking comes as a totally natural reflex.Thumb-sucking soothes a baby and may even help an infant more easily drift off to sleep. Babies most often suck when they feel hungry or sleepy or most probably teething. And it also helps in speech development at early stage. Despite how natural it is, parents sometimes worry that thumb-sucking is a bad habit. But thumb-sucking is harmless - at least until a child begins growing in his or her permanent teeth around the age of 4 or 5. At that point, vigorous thumb-sucking can cause negative changes to a child's palate and to the alignment of their emerging teeth. Fortunately, most children outgrow the habit before they reach school-age. To help your child quit their thumb-sucking habit just weaken the habit. You could distract the baby as soon as you sense that she will put her thumb in the mouth. You could show her things outside the window or take her on your lap and cuddle. Distractions can intrigue and even soothe the baby, making her less dependent on thumbsucking. Make an effort to stop thumb sucking, but do not indulge forceful actions. Do not punish the baby for sucking at the thumb. Also, do not use a harsh tone when reminding the baby not to suck the thumb. Do not put a bandage or a bitter medicine on the thumb. The baby may become stubborn and grow more inclined towards thumb sucking. If nothing works, it is best to wait it out as the little one is invariably going to quit the habit by himself. Babies stop sucking their thumbs between two and four years. Once your child is 3 years old, it’s time to break the habit. 
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    Synna Vashishta1063 days ago

    Thanks for your reply. She is of 8 months.

Answer: Hello Don't be harsh. I totally understand ur irritation but understanding y the child is sucking the thumb is important. It provides them comfort. If your going to shout this will increase baby s stress levels n the habit may prolong. Most children stop on their own. So let them find their own way or path to stopping this habit. Distract your child. There is always a pattern that is seen. Try n distract them if it's before sleeping then read a story sing a rhyme. This way the child will eventually stop. Talk to your baby. Having an adult conversation makes them feel important n grown up. Explain to them y it's bad. Praise your baby often create a stress free environment. This way the need for self comfort decreases. Find an alternative. Get a soft blankie or a toy to snuggle instead.
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