1 months old baby

Question: Hi.. my 25 days old baby not sucking my breast.. because my nipple are flat and very hard.. i am using nipple sheild from starting. but i feel reduce my breast milk...can use formula milk

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Answer: Hello dear, though formula milk is not recommended for a 1month old baby. But as you are saying your milk amount is low & couldn't meet the need of your baby you can use formula milk. You can also try to increase the amount of milk naturally. Feed your baby frequently. Eat a spoonful of methi and sauf alternate day. It can help to increase milk production. Eat beetroot,raw papaya etc. You can also drink milkshakes mixed with barley or sagoo to increase milk flow. Hope this may help you.
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Question: My baby is not sucking milk even milk comes.. Can i use nipple sheild.. Is feeding by nipple sheild is enough for baby..
Answer: Try to give nipple in the mouth by holding it in fingers if the baby is comfortable then you can continue else you can use nipple shield. But nipple hygiene you should maintain till then massage your breast and initially baby finds it difficult to suck as they can't do a proper latch and later on they can easily take feed but you should have patience and try feeding. It will take time to both of you.
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Question: My baby is 10 days old. Still not able to suck as am having flat nipple. So I m using lactogene formula and my breast milk. Is that fine or any precautions for flat nipple. Please help me
Answer: As breast milk is good for baby.. Try using breast pump for 15 to 30 days. Meanwhile in between these days after each pumping make your baby to suck at least for 2 to 5 min as baby crys for not getting proper latch. By following these method he will get proper latch... So don't leave formula milk but decrease the quantity.... Even I faced same problem as yours... Hope it helps
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Question: My baby is 13 days old. My nipples are flat and I am using nipple shield for feeding. But baby is not latching or sucking properly.
Answer: Hi, baby may be feeling uncomfortable. You can express your milk Nd feed thru spoon or bottle. This should help.
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