8 months old baby

Question: Hi frds my daughter passes stool Greenish and watery pls help me what can I do for that

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Answer: Hi, your baby poop green watery and having a foul odour. Then it could be diahorrea. If it is diahorrea then you need to keep baby well hydrated. Breastfeed baby as much as possible. Plus give water after each meal. Follow the BRAT diet for a few days. It stands for banana,rice,apple and toast. Mung Dal khichari with curd  also beneficial on this time.Thist will help in curing loose motions. Teething may also be the culprit. If thats the case then it may last for a few weeks. 
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Question: My girl baby 6 months 20 days old past 3 days she pass greenish&watery stool passing what can i do Madam? Please help me
Answer: Hi dear Green potty is normal in infant there r so many reason for free poo . Green poo causes :- 1) deit - children digestive system function more quickly than adult . Green stool could be the result of eating lots of leafy green vegetables in mother deit 2)Digestive Problems 3) Medication And Supplements - baby poo green may turn due to iron supplement and vitamin 4) food poisoning - child’s digestive system is extremely sensitive to a large variety of different food. Treatment :- 1) avoid green vegetables 2) avoid giving cow milk to the child 3) if ur child is allergic reaction u can figure out which food is cause of reaction.
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Question: My baby passes watery, greenish and granulated stools for the past two weeks. Can i get her vaccinated?
Answer: Hii dear vaccination can be done but if it is rotavirus then you need to check it with your doctor once again because rotavirus causes of watery Poop at times otherwise it is fine for a baby of 2 months old to poop watery greenish can be due to the milk that you are giving because both the milk formula and breastmilk both can cause greenish colour for formula it is because of the iron content and for breast milk it is the imbalance of Hindon for milk see you need to ensure to empty your first breast and then offered the second one and that help that needs to be emptied to because if there is an imbalance of Hind milk and for milk baby might Poop green otherwise it is all normal.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My 3 months old daughter passes watery stool from 3days
Answer: It's normal. When the baby wants to achieve a milestone the motion can be loose motion and the stool can even change color. So nothing to worry
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