6 months old baby

Question: hi my daughter is on 200 th day pls send me food chart now I'm giving ragi apple puree banana

2 Answers
Answer: The best time to start solids is only after 6 months . Yes in some places people start around 4 months but the enzymes are not completely build at that stage that help the food to digest. And early start of solids may lead to colic, digestive issues etc. So wait till 6 months is a worth. Also baby takes 4-6 months to hold the neck completely . A strong head to neck control helps the baby to accept solids well and can easily swallow. Always start with single food first whether it's cereal, vegetables, or fruits. Wait for next 3 days for introducing next food to check for any allergy. Few tips of feeding the food, 1. Use stainless steel , glass bowl or silver bowl should be used to serve the food. Plastic bowl and spoon should be strictly avoided. 2. Feed the baby is calm and comfortable position and head should be up completely. 3. Start with few tsp of the food and slowly increase the quantity . 4. prefer pureed and mashed foods only baby might have chocking issues. 5. Start with fruit puree first. 6. Give few tsp water after every meal for proper digestion . Food items that you can feed for 6-7 months . Ragi or finger millet porridge, ragi kheer, daal water, rice water, khichdi water, oats porridge with Apple and banana, Apple puree, chiku puree, pumpkin puree, carrot puree,broccoli puree, potatoes mash, sweet potatoes puree, potatoes and carrots soup, veggie khichdi, avocado puree, sooji kheer,upma, vegetables soup, makhana kheer, papaya puree, watermelon , Apple kheer,sooji and banana porridge. Etc.
Answer: Once ur baby completes 6 months, you can start introducing solids. Give only pureed foods, 1 tablespoon to start with n gradually increase quantity. Start with 1 meal a day & when you think your baby is eating that meal well, then introduce another meal. Until your baby reaches 1 year, no sugar, salt, honey & cow or animal milk should be given to your baby. Continue to breastfeed or formula feed your baby along with solids. You can start with apple puree (check which is the sweetest apple, I use red delicious apples cos they are sweeter, boil or pressure cook in a little water & blend to a smooth consistency in mixie). Other purees that need to be cooked as mentioned above are pear, carrot, beans, pumpkin, peas, potato, sweet potato... Banana, avocado, papaya, mango, kiwi & sapota puree can just be made by blending it. Doesn't require cooking You can also give dal ka paani, rice paani, dal kheer, rice & dal, ragi porridge, ground oats porridge, wheat porridge... Fruit juices such as watermelon can also be given without sugar. If you want to try readymade mixes, then I suggest starting with Pristine Ragi 1st bites, it is like cerelac or farex but its organic. Besides ragi, there is wheat & rice available too. But plz buy the tin for Rs. 310 & not the small box of Rs.230 since the tin doesn't contain sugar. You can also try Little moppet foods, they have lots of organic mixes too. You can also give a bit of water to your baby after solids. Not more than 60ml of water should be given in 24hrs.