2 months old baby

Question: Hi, My daughter is 2months 10days old. Since 3 days she is not sleeping properly in the night time. Her eyes will be closed but she will moving hands and legs and she cries. If i feed her she will be calm for 10 or 15 min again she will start same thing. Please suggest wat to do so that she can have calm sleep

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Answer: She may might be hungry then try feeding her for a longer time for her to sleep for a longer time, but anyways this is normal
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Question: My 5months old daughter sleep only (daytime)when I am sleeping with her as I get up from bed she awakes...even after massage and bath ...she rubs her hands on nose and eyes while sleeping....pl help
Answer: I also have a same aged baby with same problem happening with me. 😃 While getting up from bed, I keep a pillow behind him and one in the front, both pillows touching his body. This way he sleeps longer as may be he gets a feeling of being with his mother. Also we have a PALNA for him. While we are putting him into the palna, he wakes up but again sleeps if the palna is moved for a minute or so. This also helps always. U can try these too.
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Question: Hello my daughter is 4mnths old...she don't sleep properly...while sleeping at night her hands and legs are continually working... she rubbing her face eyes and nose while sleeping...the whole night this procedure goes on...plz suggest what to do
Answer: Try massaging her head with bare hands, try sleeping her on your lap or shoulder for 15-20 min., then shift her to bed. Give her a rattle to play, she might sleep whilst playing. But never take phone's help for kids please except playing lullabies which is mild music that helps baby to sleep.
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Question: Nite time while sleeping my baby moves alt,almost the entire nigth she will be moving, sometimes even bang the legs on mattress continuously,she will turn more than 5times in a min,then after i feed her for a min she will be quiet for 15-20mins and then the story continues...sometimes she even cry while sleeping,even if i hold her in my arms to calm her she will be moving in arms.
Answer: Hi dear, This restlessness would be there for some time.as baby is reaching each and every milestone in every months,some babies often try to sit up in sleep and also try to stand.it is a natural thing.should be fine .have patience.
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