9 months old baby

Question: Hi my daughter is 9 month baby .. her left chest is little bit bigger than right one .... is any problem in this

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Answer: Dear ur baby is too young to get concerned about it. However I could find something related to babies having asymmetrical breast. Gettinsuch breast balanced is somthing you can discuss with the doctor later let ur baby and urself relax for now. Just wanted to let u know that what you are facing is not new and about 1/4th of the babies born have this. Hope this helps.
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    Tharani Boopathi920 days ago

    Thanks mam

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Question: Right side of my baby's chest is slightly bigger than the left one...is there any matter of concerns
Answer: Hi.. Mommy.. There is nothing to worry.. It could be but it should go away on its own as the baby grows.. My cousin also had it as a child.. But later on it was fine.. Bit if you are still worried you can consult the doctor once.
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Question: my baby is now 1 month old from yeterday is having unequal testicles left one is bigger than right one is there any problem
Answer: Hi, if the baby has pain along with testes appearing bigger, then it could be testicular torsion. there are other causes of swelling too like infection or inflammation. consult a doctor to do a physical examination
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Question: i am feeling like my left side belly is getting little bit bigger and hard than right one..any one experienced like me??
Answer: I feel like my right getting bigger than the left side belly. My doc told tat it's bcos of the baby's position in the womb.
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