1 months old baby

Question: Hi , my daughter is 21 days old. Since last 2 days I am observing that she has cough as it makes sound from her chest ? As of now she doesn't have runny nose but seems difficult for her to sleep. Will you please suggest Any home remedies?

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Answer: Pipori la path pa dival laga ka usual thor hot karo fir theory dar bat head pa rakho
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Question: my daughter is 7 month old she has cold and runny nose can you sugest any home remedy for her please
Answer: This remedy is known as unakka manjal chuttathu in Kerala. Place dried turmeric stick on the flame till its gets a slightly charred texture. Rub on a stone to get the turmeric paste. Apply the paste on the bridge of baby’s nose to get relief. Mix turmeric powder with a little water to form paste. Take it in a ladle and heat it. Switch off once warm. Apply the luke warm turmeric paste on chest, forehead and feet. The heat from the turmeric can absorb the phlegm, thereby relieving the baby from cold and cough. Warm mustard oil with a few kalonji seeds (nigella sativa) and 2 garlic cloves. Apply on baby’s chest, under the nose, back of feet and palms. Massage gently. You can wipe off the excess oil post massage. Add some soups to his diet. Soups are excellent comfort foods during cold and cough. You can provide warm vegetable soup or tomato soup. These soups increase the immunity of the body. It will help ensure that their energy levels don’t dip too much and will help them fight the illness.
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Question: My - month old daughter has cough in her chest..but she is not sneezing nor has running nose?please tell me how go remove that cough?
Answer: Hello dear Home remedies for cough: 1. Saline drops and bulb syringes :When kids are too young to blow their nose well, saline drops or a bulb syringe can clear his nose. Using a bulb syringe works best for young babies, especially if a stuffy nose interferes with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. 2.Steam: Breathing moist air helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages. A warm bath has the added benefit of relaxing your child. 3. a cool-mist humidifier will help loosen mucus
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Question: My 7month daughter has cough in her chest so she sound like ghar-ghar ....what can i do
Answer: Ajwain ki potli banakar baby ko chest par shek karo... careful ki jayada garam na ho
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Question: My daughter is 21 days old nd she has cold nd cough too much .she is unable to sleep in night nd her nose is block nd she has dry cough
Answer: Hi,this is due to climatic changes.you should try home remedies Keep the steamer in the baby s room or take the baby along in the steamy bathroom. You should roast some ajwain and tie it in the clean cloth and make the potli and do compression on the baby s chest Warm the mustard oil and add a few garlic pods and massage on the baby s chest and back and feet before sleeping. You can out saline water nasal drip as it will help in clearing the blocked nose.
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