3 months old baby

Question: Hi. My daughter is 3month 11 days old. She was delivered through normal. Is it safe to have sex?

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Answer: Yes ideally for a uncomplicated normal delivery 6 weeks is a good recovery period. At 3 months it is considered safe. If you experience pain, bleeding or have specific concerns you can undergo a physical examination. Otherwise you are good to go.
Answer: Yes dear . Doctors suggest to wait for 4-6 weeks after delivery . Thereafter it is safe
Answer: If you don't have any discomfort....you can do
Answer: S But use some precaution
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Question: Hi i am a mother of 4mnth old baby, through c section... Is it safe to have sex now.what is d safe tym for sex
Answer: C sec recovery is a crucial time. You can't be ignorant towards it. To deliver the baby your doc has cut many layers(skin fat muscles tissues etc) are cut, wch is later sewn back. Its more then necessary for you to give time for your stitches to heal to avoid any complications in future and be able to carry out normal routine. And thus doesn't happen in a day or week or for that matter in a month. It takes minimum of 3 months for your internal stitches to heal and another 3 for external healing. Therefore you need to be careful while having sex. As you are breastfeeding you might feel dryness in your vagina which might make your pleasure time painful. Take things slow and easy. Practice safe sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
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Question: Hi my baby was 11 month old, she doesn't have teeth still now, is it normal?
Answer: yes it is absolutely normal please don't worry and wait for 2 more months and mostly you ll notice lower front teeth first if the teeth are not erupting after this then you should get it checked by the dentist
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Question: Hi My baby is 6month old now, i delivered him through c-sec . Now aftr the sex it is very pain to my under tummy.. it is normal
Answer: Starting few times it will feel pain because uterus recovered after delivery. After some time pain will go
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