Few days old baby

Question: Hi.. My daughter is 5months and 11 days old today.When she was a month Old I had breast abscess in my right breast which I got drained in the hospital. It was very very painful and it took 2 months to heal. The skin is still red in that area and little black. Sin e morning I am feeling hard in that area and also it is paining. When the abscess was drained it was so painful that I was not able to feed my daughter. So my doctor suggested me to take medicine and stop your feed. Since then the feed is stopped. Why is their pain again.. Is there again a problem?? I am worried plz help me.

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Answer: Breast abscesses are often linked tomastitis – a condition that causesbreast pain and swelling (inflammation), and usually affects women who are breastfeeding. ... Women who aren't breastfeeding can also develop mastitis if bacteria enter the milk ducts through a sore or cracked nipple, or a nipple piercing. Have a routine cleaning of the breast to limit the bacterial growth, have warm water compress times a day