17 months old baby

Question: Hi my daughter is a poor eater family doctor told me to give her polybion l syrup..is it safe..will this increase her appetite

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Answer: Hi dear if you are a pediatrician has told you to give polybion as an appetizer though definitely its ur call to use it or not however my Paed was always against the appetizer syrup is he always told me that let the baby have a natural appetite because it helps the baby to understand the capacity that the baby can have as food and dog during 1 to 2 years of babies age they are extremely active and learning and exploring mould hence the focus from food shapes but after completing 2 years there is a difference in the pattern of eating for the baby definitely so I think we should think about the consequences and then start.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi my daughter is 2 years 7 months her weight is 13 kg. What should I do to increase her weight... And she have poor appetite how can i increase her appetite
Answer: Try feeding at short intervals and small meals. U can also give vegetable soup as it helps in increasing apetite of the baby. A home remedy thag I always use whevever my baby stops eating. Take a lemon put black salt in it and use toothpick to put it inside the lemon now put the lemon on a spoon and heat it till the black salt melts and goes inside the lemon. Now take it off the flame. Make ur child lick it. Trust me it works. Also u can start giving proteinex junior as well for the baby as it helps in growth and building immunity.
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Question: Hi, My Daughter is 10months old. Should I give her any kind of multi vitamin syrup?
Answer: You can consult her doctor if it is needed. I give a mutivitamin after every 5-6 month as told by my doctor. So it is always better to consult doctor. Hope it helps.
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Question: My, 4 months daughter is having a skin infection on her cheek... Doctor gave her antibiotics is it safe
Answer: I Dear! If her Paed has suggested it shud be working and safr ft the baby, thr r few circumstances whr you cant help but has to offer medicine, hence dont worry it will all be fine.. Hope this helps!
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