2 months old baby

Question: Hi my daughter is 2 months old..she is taking formula milk and having 4 hours gap between feeds....I want to know that how many ml she requires during each feed..pls suggest me

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Answer: In my case from around two weeks to two months, my baby used to consume somewhere between 75ml and 105ml at each feed (450ml to 735ml in one day).
Answer: 30 ml normal... lf her demand more than u can feed mire....always remember breast milk is essential......
Answer: 30ml normal...if her demand more than u feed more....but breast milk is essential ........
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    JOT Dhaliwal947 days ago

    Are u sure 30 ml is enough for 2 month old baby?

Answer: 60 ml is enough bt why u giving formula milk
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    JOT Dhaliwal946 days ago

    Thank you

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    JOT Dhaliwal946 days ago

    Bcoz dear don't have good lactation....not enough breast milk

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