11 months old baby

Hi. My daughter is 11 month old. Still she is not walking olny crawling nd stands by support. Im making her to walk by giving support of chair but she is sitting down after few steps of walk. Is it normal.

Hii babies take there own time. First of all dont compare with other kids. Every baby is different. She is standing make her walk daily by holding her hands few times so she will learn.Massage her back and legs . Motivate her to walk. Its normal every kid takes there time no need to push and worry.
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    Mohd Shareefuddin46 days ago

    First of all im not comparing with any kid.

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    Manish Rai45 days ago

    Hello dear dont take it personally.. its what mothers usually do or someone in the family does that. Happened with me so mentioned it.

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    Angshumita Mishra45 days ago

    Hi my 11 months old son moves on his chest, can sit independently walks by holding Furnitures. But doesn't pull himself up and can't stand independently. I am too much worried about it.

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    Manish Rai44 days ago

    Hii Angshumita..he will do it again dont worry. Kids take there own time as a parent all you can do Give them healthy diet, massage him properly and motivate him. Massage his feets and arms with warm oil as its winter you can use mustard oil. See if it makes any difference. My little started walking around 14 months.

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Question: My daughter is 14 months old ...she is still not walking or standing on her own...she stands or walks inly with support...plz suggest
Answer: Hie Don't worry Every baby takes his own time to achieve milestone Encourage your baby to take the big steps Be on your knees to maintain eye contact and encourage by calling upon or offering s toy Slowly and gradually your baby would take the big plunge Massage your baby frets twice a day with almond oil it help strengthen bones
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Question: My daughter is 13 months not yet walking... She takes five steps and then crawls.if i try making her walk she cries.totally worried
Answer: Hello Baby is taking 2 3 steps that means he does not want to walk much. There are many things u can try like getting him pulling toys that will get him interested u can get him his favorite snack n walk so he can follow. Usually babies are scared of falling so take ur baby on ur bed n try playing so even whn he falls he won't hurt so he ll have more courage to walk. Take him to the park wr there are alot of kids that will give him courage. Encourage ur baby by clapping and calling a wow baby so he ll walk to get more.
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Question: My daughter is one year old. She is crawling, sitting but not standing without support. She will stand but needs support. Is it delay in walking? And nearly what time she will take for walking?
Answer: I can understand your worry as almost all baby start walking by 12th month. But instead of getting tensed take charge of things. its a good sign that your baby walks with support this means that he is on right part, it's just that he his lacking the confidence to walk all by himself. First, give plenty of floor time to your baby so that he gets to explore his body. Don't make him spend much time in rockers, car seats, stroller etc. This makes baby dependant. Second, Motivate baby to walk towards you by luring him with his favourite food, toy object etc. Third, When your baby us standing, place objects at his knee level so that he has to squat to get them. Squatting helps in strengthening hip and leg muscles thus promoting more stability on feet. Fourth, Help your baby walk with you by holding her by his trunk for first few days, once hus posture is corrected you can hold her both hands and help her walk. this exercise should be done very gently and patiently. Make sure you let baby take steps on her own just hold her hands for support , you don't need to drag her to be able to walk. Fifth, Whenever she stands or takes a step by herself make it a big deal. Hoot,clap, whistle this will encourage child to walk more and boost her confidence. Apart from all this do get your baby checked by his paediatrician once so that chances if any underlying problwm could be eliminated. Stay blessed!
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