3 years old baby

Question: hi, my daughter had attached to my neighbour kid, he is one year younger than my daughter, they spent most of the time with each other from last 2 months. now a days there is change in behaviour in my daughter like showing angry, tantrums, so I m avoiding her to be with him. they are moving next month to their new home. if they see each other, both are crying so much like they can't live. how can I handle this situation. plz help me.

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Answer: Hi dear, Kids of this age do need friends to play with.thy get very attached to someone who entertains them most.if they feel lonely at home,or has no one to play with then,thy would feel depressed seeing the person leaving.butbthe good news is,they can be easily distracted.tht would forget the incident soon.make her also understand they you would get to visit their new house after they leave.kids can understand when talked with love.get a gift for that neighbor boy,and let her write a farewell card for him.it will make her happy too.
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Question: My 1.7 year twin babies are getting jealous of each other. They wanted to be with mom .if we pay attention to one , the other one is crying. How to handle them.
Answer: Dear here fathers should pitch in to help. The more time he spend with babies the more they will feel good and you both can divide time equally. Raising twins is not an easy task and should be done with the help of each other. Talk to ur husband and ask for help. If he isn't available get help from any of the family member or a maid. But you definately need help. Hope it helps.
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Question: We are a family and because of that it becomes hard to spend time ONLY with my daughter because some or other member always seems their with her n so she doesn't recognise me any other option ??
Answer: Hello dear. In this case you ensure that you spend 1 hour or 2 hours with your daughter no matter what. Take her out for a walk or in the park. Or just get in her in the room and play with her. Make it clear to the family that this is mother daughter time. It is important dear. Hope it helps.
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Question: Y in laws in india r so arrogant even they knw their daughter in law is pregnant and she need their help but how could they make DIL crying since i m preg each day of my lyf is becoming worse bcoz of them i vomiting blood but no one cares even my husband also not in my side this is worse situation n i really dont know wat will gonna happen i need help how to reduce this stress
Answer: Don't think about them... don't give them any importance ..give importance to your baby...just think they don't exist only...now how you alone manage all this thing....you will be more Happy... don't expect anything from them you will be less hurt..
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