Question: Hi, My LMP date is 16-Nov-2017.. on 30th Dec I got heavy bleeding, clotting and tissue after that i got spotting for 2 days then it stopped. on 30-12-17 I took both urine & Blood test it was positive & HCG level was around 226miu and the range showed like I'm 5 weeks pregnant. but on 9-01-2018 I again checked my blood test it was around 348 miu and again the range seems similar but I was about 7 weeks pregnant why is that seems so low? I'm worried :-( gonna see ultra sound by upcoming week

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Question: I get ultra scan .in that scan doctor got leaking blood and its clotting. I am afraid
Answer: It usually happens due to the shifting of placenta from one place to another It is called as subchorionic hematoma will usually resorbs on its own and not have any negative effect on the pregnancy. Sometimes times it can cause some vaginal bleeding/spotting but It will subside Take rest Keep taking progesterone and other medicines if at all you feel abdominal cramps then you must visit your gynaecologist Repeat the scan to see wether or not it has decreased in size.
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Question: hi.. I'm 26 week pregnant.. on my 24th week blood test was done.. PPBC was 146 .. is it normal blood sugar or I have high blood sugar.. where as in range column it was written that upto 155..
Answer: hello.. dear the normal blood sugar of pregnant women is fasting sugar less than 95 mg/dL, blood sugar less than 140 mg/dL, 1 hour after eating; and less than 120 mg/dL, 2 hours after eating. it might be normal for you.. anyways consult your doctor is recommended
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Question: Hello. I got my last periods on 5th July 2018 and missed my periods in the month of August. But when I did my urine test on 17th of August it showed negative. Also I did beta HCg on the same day to confirm and the value was 0.1 after that I again did my urine pregnancy test on 30th of August and it showed positive and the same day when I did blood test the value was 241.9. Does this indicates that I am pregnant and if yes then how many weeks?
Answer: But it was negative on 17th of August. Urine and blood reports both were negative
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Question: I got postive in urine test and also blood test last week showed hcg level as 161 but Iam getting periods like cramps and also bleeding with small tissue what might be the it misscarriage
Answer: hi dear, if you are feeling menstrual cramp like pain with blood and tissue discharge then there is a possibility of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Immediately you should consult your gynecologist.
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