Question: Hi, My LMP date is 16-Nov-2017.. on 30th Dec I got heavy bleeding, clotting and tissue after that i got spotting for 2 days then it stopped. on 30-12-17 I took both urine & Blood test it was positive & HCG level was around 226miu and the range showed like I'm 5 weeks pregnant. but on 9-01-2018 I again checked my blood test it was around 348 miu and again the range seems similar but I was about 7 weeks pregnant why is that seems so low? I'm worried :-( gonna see ultra sound by upcoming week

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Question: hi.. I'm 26 week pregnant.. on my 24th week blood test was done.. PPBC was 146 .. is it normal blood sugar or I have high blood sugar.. where as in range column it was written that upto 155..
Answer: hello.. dear the normal blood sugar of pregnant women is fasting sugar less than 95 mg/dL, blood sugar less than 140 mg/dL, 1 hour after eating; and less than 120 mg/dL, 2 hours after eating. it might be normal for you.. anyways consult your doctor is recommended
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Question: my last period was on Dec 4th I missed my period on Jan 4th and I tested I got 160 miu then I got 264 miu it is not fully doubled so wat to do ???
Answer: hello..dear generally after missing periods you need to wait for 2 more weeks to get confirmed result. according to your lmp you need test it again on 19th of try this if you get doubled then consult your doctor... all the best.
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Question: Hi, My LMP was on 27th March and didn't get the period on 27th April (did the home pregnancy test on 27th and very light pink line appeared). I was observing some pregnancy symptoms and did the home pregnancy test again on 30th April but it was negative and got my period on 1st May. Is this a miscarriage?
Answer: agar second line chahe dark ho ya light ho it means you are pregnant.. congratulations..
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