9 months old baby

Question: Hi, my concern is about my child is getting bad smell from rightside ear, what could be the reason?

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Answer: hi dear! so for the smell you might have to meet your ent doctor dear. as the ear has to be checked to see for any discharge is coming . so my advise would be to do meet your doctor. also if you have pierced the ear of the baby then do check for any discharge from the piercing also. dont worry we might have to take a look at the ear first dear. so visit your doctor dear. take care!
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Question: Hi...meri c section delivery k bad vagina se foul smell arahi hai.what could be the reason
Answer: Hi dear, Often post delivery women suffer from infections.if any greenish yellow discharge coming and smells bad,then it must be an infection and you might need to take a course of antibiotics.i had it too post c section.i took antibiotics for a week,and it was fine.
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Question: My baby is not active for about 5 days. What could be the reason??
Answer: Hi dear please check if the baby has cough and cold because at times due to cough and cold babies can be not too much active also if the baby is feeding well or not because not feeling is another or reason of non activeness in babies but also note that around this time there are lot of mental changes that your baby is going through so please give it some time check for some more days and then you can take the baby to the gynecologist if at all there is a need.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My child having candidiasis in oral cavity..what could be the reason..and why it happend
Answer: Hi dear, Oral thrush is nothing but fungal or yeast infections in mouth.often babies suffer from this and some are recurrent. If mother is breastfeeding,mothers need to check if she has transmitted it to her baby.it usually take one week to two weeks to recover.though not dangerous,but it could make the feeding process difficult.your doctor would prescribe antifungal swabs to your baby,which is to be applied in the affected area.if mother has thrush on nipples ,then doctor would prescribe antifungal ointment for you.thrush could also result of too much antibiotics is been taken by the baby which kills the good bacteria in body too.it happens due to low immune system so babies are often victim of it.
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