10 months old baby

Question: Hi my child having fever from last 3days and i consult the doctor..my doubt is I fed the medicine to baby but after 4 hours fever is coming back(only fever,no other issues)is it viral fever? or anything problem?am sooo worried please anyone tellme

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Answer: yes it could be viral fever for the baby as babies are more prone to get fever and such issues don't worry keep on giving your baby proper medicines time to time
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Question: My weight is loosing however i have consult my gyn... she has given me some medicine to increase my hunger and all... i want to know as my weigt has decreased, still can i give birth of a healthy child? What are the suggestions for me for giving birth of a healthy baby?
Answer: when I was pregnant I have loose approximately 8 kg of weight and I deliver my baby with 3.2 kg so please don't worry about this just keep on taking healthy food
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Question: My baby who is 8 months old had fever 3 days back. She was on medication of fever n cough. From two days she passes urine only 4-5 times. Is it normal?she is playful and taking food/water/feeding. Is anyone else is facing same issue?
Answer: It can happen after fever medicine so try giving more liquids and Also give bath daily
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Question: I have pelvic ,leg and lower abdominal pain.Its very difficult to sleep too. My doctor said it's because of the ligament stretching . I am still worried because when I read about experiences here , I get confused. Can anyone help me. My baby's weight is 2.51 now.mMy ultrasound showed that the abdominal circumference of the baby is smaller. There were no other complications.
Answer: Left hip and left leg paining is that any symptoms of labour pain
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