3 months old baby

Question: Hi my can I use a soother for 3 month old breastfeeding baby? It will not decrease his breast sucking?and how long i can use It?

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Answer: hello dear soother is recommended only for babies having colic.. soothers is not that much important for normal babies but if you are concern you give..but we dont recommend that
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Question: Is giving soother is good for babies..my baby is 3 months old and do thumb sucking...i alws remove his hand and he cries like anything
Answer: Please dont stop him.Babies find comfort in thumb sucking.It gives them a feeling of safety.Forcibly removing it is not good.Babies as they get older leave the habit on their own.You can start stoping it if he continues the habit after 1 year old.Till then do not force him. Soothers are not necessary,they increase the chance of infection in babies.It is unhygienic most of the times.
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Question: my baby some times finger sucking can i use soother
Answer: It’s perfectly natural for newborns to suck their thumb. Sucking is an inborn reflex for babies because it’s how they eat. It helps the baby to calm down. If the thumb sucking really bothers you, you can use pacifiers. However as your child grows, too much of either can disturb the alignment of your child’s teeth and even the structure of her mouth, so you’ll definitely want to wean him/her off before permanent front teeth come in, around age six.
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Question: Can I use soother to my baby? Is it safe n how long can be given?
Answer: Hi dear I don't advise soothers because the baby does not tell when she or he is hungry and keeps sucking on it. Also it got very badly stuck into my baby's mouth and she almost choked and couldn't cry. It was a bad experience
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