3 months old baby

Question: Hi my c section was done on 13 june 2018. My tummy is bulging out .plesse suggest if i csn start weating tummy belt. Also suggest a good belt fkr abdomen.

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Answer: Hi! The fat you have gained over a period of 9 months will definitely take some time to be shed completely. First of all have healthy diet , have fruits and veggies. Have plenty of water. Walk for 10 mins and slowly increase the time Consult your Doctor before using a maternity belt. Good luck!
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Question: Suggest a good belt after c section to reduce my tummy
Answer: Hi. You can tie your tummy tightly so that it gives support, strength and tightness to belly. Saree is best as it gives more stiffness than belt. Full Saree should be tied around so that full stomach and back gets covered. This should be done only after doctor check up .Take care
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Question: Hi, i had undergone c section on dec 26, can i start wearing abdomen belt?
Answer: Hello dear... No,not now,you can wear abdominal belt after one month,and after that your stitches healed properly, for first ten days wrap your belly with soft cloth,then wear belt will be effective
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Question: Can i wear tummy belt ......my c section was done before 20
Answer: Hii A maternity belt is used to tie the belly tightly so as to give support to the abdominal organs and muscles. This also helps the organs that are loose to get back to their positions.  If you have had a C-section, you need to wait couple of weeks to start tying the stomach. C-section mothers should take it slow as any pressure on the abdomen can interfere with the healing of the deeper layers of the stomach. 
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