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Question: hi , my breast milk supply is decreasing.. my baby is one month old. i have stRted taking Lactare capsule.. bt after taking it i feel my supply has decreased even more. wt sud i do? i feel so depressed :(

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Answer: Hi dear .u can apply few tips.take foods which r rich in protein if u eat non veg take meat in ur diet.when ever u feed ur baby drink 1glass milk or prepare phrini thin halwa with lots of milk in it.u can also prepare cumin powder.roast cumin on tawa with little ghee.grind the cumin.mix this powder in milk.methi dana are also gud for milk supply.soak methi daana innwater overnite.n morning boil the water strain methi dana add some jaggery in it 1 spoon ghee in it.drink the water like tea.best have balanced diet n dont skip ur meal.
Answer: Also try to have food items tat improve the milk production , at times the milk supply comes down due to body changes but later it usually comes back to normal , fenugreek,drumstick leaves,almonds,oatmeal are galactagogues foods . Remember to keep Hyderated as well
Answer: Have fluid content more. Drink plenty of water n feed ur baby directly. U wl see the results. Ur baby is best pump to increase ur flow
Answer: Even I felt same,solution is drink plenty of water before and after each feeding You can see best results within a day
Answer: garlic is the best solution am also tried it definitely works also helps in weight loss
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Answer: Try galact p 2 spoons twice a day
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Question: I have 3 month old baby. My breast milk supply has decreased. What i do
Answer: Hello... Dear during breastfeeding you should have a nutrious diet,which should capable to fullfill your baby's need,can take shatvri powder available in natural drug store will boost your supply,Tips for increasing breast milk are as follows Feed your baby in regular intervals... So more your baby latch more you increase your milk Eat a nutrious diet , includes more veggies and fruits Drink atleast two glasses of milk daily You can also take dried fish,weekly twice,it helps in milk secretion Garlic milk helps in producing more milk, for this you have to boil garlic in milk, once it boiled and cooked ,you can drink it with palm sugar,have this before bedtime Fenugreek also increases breast supply,you can add it in soups,salads , you can also have fenugreek tea Cumin water is very essential in milk secretion, it also act as a barrier against respiratory issues A handful of dried fruits increase your milk supply, and releives from constipation, and it also makes your milk thick
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Question: My baby is 5 month old, on exclusive breastfeeding. Of late i m feeling breat milk has decreased..can i take lactare capsule to increase breast milk production?
Answer: Instead using tablet you can try to increase your milk naturally. Also along with lactate tablets take nutritious diet. Take 3-4 servings of vegetables, 3-4 servings of fruits, handful dry fruits, two glasses of milk, a bowl of curd, paneer, two bowls of dal, roti and rice. If you eat non veg then have two eggs on daily basis, also include fish and chicken in your diet. Make sure you drink plenty of water, specially before and after feeding. Take ample of rest and keep feeding the baby more often. More you feed, more milk will produce. Hope this helps.
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Question: I have low breast milk supply so started taking Lactare capsule medicine. How many should I take it? Will it be helpful?
Answer: Ho,for medication it is advise to consider to the dr.you can also try other home now like try this Dry roast equal quantities of cumin seeds and fennel seeds and grind them.take 1/2 teaspoon of his powder and 1/2 year of warm ghee after meal 2-3 times a day. Ghee helps to boost the milk production. All this should also help The more you will feed the more will be the production.
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