3 months old baby

Question: hi my boy baby was fully on bm.he taking my right breastmilk and does not drinking left side breastmilk . what to do to take left side breastmilk also? please help me.

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Answer: Hello dear my baby was doing same then I asked from pedestrian. He said this is normal let the baby drink from one side. And try to feed your baby from left side when she sleeps.
Answer: Offer left side when ur baby will be more hungry or when he wants to sleep.
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Question: Hi, my baby boy is 5 month old and he is not drinking milk on my right side
Answer: Hello, Dear there can many reasons for baby refusing to one side of breast. In my case my baby used to refuse my one side because it was heavy flow on that side and whenever baby is latching the flow fill her mouth and she has to stop feeding and then start again. so it irritates her so this is my case another case can be there is low supply so that baby have to put more pressure to suck.. so check what is the scenario in your cases. so if its high flow then do one thing that Express the milk first and when you feel light on that breast then start feeding because then flow will be less and baby can latch easily or if it is low supply of milk from that side then do some hot compress on the breast that will help to get a good flow.. try these things hopefully it will work...
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Question: My baby is not drinking right side Brstmilk, what to do plz tell me.... He drinks milk only left one
Answer: This should not happen your baby should drink milk from both the sides... Try to remove milk from right side with the help of hot bag and give her after some time and see.... she will drink milk. Milk has to be consumed from both the breast... check if u r right nipple is out... else if still she does not drink u have to remove the milk and only give it to the baby.. Try making u r baby suck the nipple if it's not working then only go for breast pump. Even before breast pump if u r nipples are short u can also try nipple shield...
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Question: hi my baby was on bm. he is not drinking milk from left side breast. is it normal and please give suggestion for how to baby drink left side breast also?
Answer: Hello! Nursing strike, this is a phenomenon where the baby denies having milk from a particular breast. It is due to the mother's uncomfortness, that it happens. Try different posture to feed your little one. Almost you need to comfortable. So think of the position which makes you comfi and accordingly feed your baby.
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