32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, my blood group A negative and my husband blood group is B positive,will it create any problem for my baby.

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Answer: If it is first pregnancy it will not cause aby problem but if it is second means 100% you have to worry.
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    Neha Gupta843 days ago

    I have two ectopic preganancy(pregnancy in fallopian tube.

Answer: I wish to research this for you from a known blood specialist. Wish to get back an answer you.
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    Neha Gupta845 days ago


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Question: My blood group is b positive and my husband blood group is b negative..is it cause any problem for my baby??
Answer: Being RH negative is not a disease and it does not affect your health. But if RH of a pregnant woman is negative, it can affect pregnancy. If the female RH is negative and the child's father is RH positive then special care is required in pregnancy. If the female Rh + and the male Rh+, there is no problem. If the woman Rh - and the male Rh -, no problem. If the female Rh+ and the male Rh -, no problem. If the woman is Rh - and male is Rh+, then the child may be a child Rh+ or - and therefore the woman should have Rh immune globulin injections.
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Question: my blood group is o negative and hubby's is B positive .. will it create any problem for my baby?
Answer: hi dear! yes dear it will create a problem so as your baby can be positive dear which will make your body to consider your baby's blood as a foreign substance and will start to create antibodies against it and the baby will develop severe anemia as there will be breakdown of blood cells and eventually the baby will die . so to prevent all this rh immunoglobulin injection is given. but you wont need it if its your first pregnancy but in the second pregnancy you will need the injection dear. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful!
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Question: My blood group is A negative and my husband blood group is B positive is it cause any problem to my baby and in delivery
Answer: No dear it would not cause any problem. If its your first pregnancy nothing much to worried. Just after birth blood would be checked for the baby and if its same as your rh, then fine but if, of rh(+) you will have to take Anti-d within 72 hours of delivery. Hope it helps.
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