9 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby will be 9 months old. He is still not crawling. Is it ok?

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Answer: Hello dear. Most babies learn to crawl between the ages of 7 months and 10 months. Each baby would be different and might opt for different type of movements like: scooting around on the bottom, using a hand behind and a foot in front to propel, slithering on stomach, or rolling across the room. Take care.
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Question: My baby is 9 months old and still he is not crawling.....what to do?
Answer: Hello! Dear every baby is different. Some take time in achieving milestone. Try to encourage your baby by putting his favorite toy in little distance and ask to get him or stand little far and ask to come near you. Initially he won't move but doing it everyday will encourage him to move and might start moving. Hence, try this it might help. Take care
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Question: Hi. My baby is 9 months. But still not crawling.
Answer: Do not worry some babies do not crawl they directly walk. In some of them progress is little slow. Dont worry Keep massaging his legs with sesame oil Sit with him in early mrg sunlight for 1/2 hr Continue to give nutritious diet n calcium syrup prescribed
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Question: My baby is 9 months old now...and he is still not crawling
Answer: Some babies milestone starts late... consult to pediatrician for betterment
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