3 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby weight is 5200,he is 2month18dsys old,her birth weight is 3060,is it Norma?

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Answer: Hello! The weight is fine. There is nothing to worry. Also the weight gain depends on the genes of the baby. . Take care
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Question: Hi baby weight is 5200grm.baby's birth weight is 3060 he is 2months 18days old
Answer: Hello! Your baby weight gain is good. But make sure that he doesn't gain much weight or else it will delay all its milestone. Also not only that he will be in risked factor of being obese. Take care
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Question: My baby is 2 month 10 days old. His birth weight is 2.5 kg and now he is 5.5 kg. Is it Norma
Answer: Hi dear, as per birth weight, current weight is high, but as a normal weight, baby weight is perfect, growing good, if baby healthy and looks active then everything is fine, don't worry.
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Question: My 3 month old baby weight is 5.41.. her birth weight is 2.97.. is it normal??
Answer: according to her birth weight ,her curret weight is ideal,so do not worry.Once your baby starts with solid food,the weight gain will start gettin rapid,So do not take stress at the moment.Make sure you feed her for 20 mins after every 2 hours. A Healthy baby should ideally double the birth weight by the end of 5-6 months and triple by 12 months of age. According to the growth chart your baby is definitely not underweight. You should understand that your baby's birth weight was on lower side but there is no sign of poor weight gain after that, therefore do not get worked up when people judge your baby just by the physical appearance .Tell them that your baby is not chubby but maintains a healthy weight!
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