5 months old baby

Question: Hi. My baby turned 5months today. She has a bad habit of sleeping with my nipple in her mouth at night. As soon as I put her away from the breast she wakes up and starts to cry. How to get rid of this habit? It is badly affecting my sleep. Plz help

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Answer: Hi dear.. as time passes that habit will go away. It is a phase for the baby, they will pass it. I know you tired you will be, even i faced the same with my baby. Be strong dear, they will change.
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Question: My baby has a habit of feeding bottle. He desperately wants it while sleeping or when wakes up during sleep as well. How to get rid of bottle
Answer: Hello dear Following ways can help in weaning of bottles: 1. Decrease daytime bottles first. 2. Be sure your baby is full at bedtime. 3 . Bring a soft spout cup on board. 4 . Decrease the amount of milk given in a nighttime bottle. 5. Bring in a replacement comfort item for your nighttime ritual. 6. Make a solid bedtime plan and stick to it.
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Question: My baby is sleeping good while on my lap , as soon as i put her on bed or cradle she wakes up. Is there any thing that i can do to continue her sleep?..
Answer: Hello! Babies sleep well on lap because they get the warmth and comfort there. Try to create the same thing while lying the baby on the bed. Ensure that the bed is not cold, put something warm and then put two side pillows. When you are putting the baby down, ensure the side pillows support the legs properly. Hope this helps. Take care
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Question: Hii..my baby is not sleeping properly at night..she wakes up every 2 hour n cry loudly..why such happend? I m giving her milk bfore sleep..
Answer: At night give her enough food so that she won't feel hungry and gets up in the middle..
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