16 months old baby

Question: Hi , my baby s 1yr 3months old, she does motion as soon as she eats food... How mny ever tyms she s fed its d same..consulted so mny doctors but no solutiin.. plz hlp

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Answer: Hai dear No need to worry about that one if it baby z going like that ur baby is health all babies are different some baby's they will go one day or after two or three days. Some babies will go in one day three or four times.All babies are different if it baby z going poo daily after food ur baby digestive system is good.if ur gvng to the baby breast milk after every B.M the baby will go the poo or for formula milk is harder so the poo will cm little bit harder.But if baby is gng to poo after every feed we hv to keep our eyes on it baby may be sometimes the baby body will get dehydrated bcz of diarrhea if it happens like that gv some ors water to the baby immediately if these symptoms are not found in baby then we hv to understand our baby digestion is good. Thank u dear hv a nice day
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    Soumya Singh94 days ago

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Question: Hi my son 8months old now he is doing loose motion from 5 days full watery greenish sometimes sometimes hard motion I consulted two doctors frst doctor said stomach infection and lactointolerance and he gave some antibiotics but same thing happening so again I consulted the another doctor he told it's normal because he takes feeding and no fever he is active so don't give medicine and all so which through I ll go old suggest me
Answer: Hi , it happens. If baby is active and not having fever that means don't worry mom. Make sure you are giving well cooked and smoothy paste like food to baby . Give 20ml of water after each semi solid food. Include juices.
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Question: hi my baby is 1.4 yr old. She z having very less teeth that too excluding molar teeths. I am giving her mostly mashed food items or grinded one. How can I give her chapati as she doesn't chew but only gulps. She eats oats or suji cheela very well but no chapati or any other solid form of food. plz suggest something.
Answer: break chapati into very very small pieces n put it in gravy or dal.. the pieces will become soft n kind of mashed food.. u can then feed her
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Question: My baby is 5 months old i started giving her pureed apple, banana, carrots and sweet potato and rice kanji and i breast feed her but soon as i feed her any solid food she passes normal stools atleast half an hour after she eats and she passes thrice a day is this normal i have started solids only because m doing a course and i need to go for class so that time we give her solid food when i am away but m worried because she passes stool thrice a day and she is thin i dont find her putting on weight all who ever come to see her say she is thin . Any suggestions why she is passing stool thrice a day its like no use me giving her solid food cause after she eats she it comes out in half an hour. M worried .
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 5 months old she s too small to take solids .The best time to gives solid s after 6 months ...when babies neck s hold properly ..as babies digestive system s weak they cannot digest before 6 month ..U have started solids soon she cannot able to digest that food thats why she do poop after food .so dear stop solids nd give bf after 2 2 hours untill she completed 6 months .if u have to go outside 4 course .and u have enough bf take out bf and store in bottle .when ur baby 'll be hungry ur mother in law or who take of ur baby gives bf to baby. Try it nd if u don't have bf then give formula milk but don't give solids .try it
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