12 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby's finger looking like pimple type.Can you tell me what is the reason,that is happening.

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Question: Hi I am 9 months 19 days pregnant my lower part is looking like swelling what is the reason
Answer: Hi dear, Can you be in detail which lower part?if your lower belly is swollen ,it could be due to the position of baby head down.if your genitals are swollen,this could also be due to the pressure exerted by the baby downwards.you can expect your labor anytime from now.
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Question: Small small water bubble in my baby's finger what is the reason for this bubbles?
Answer: Hi dear, Are they pus or water filled ? As hand foot mouth disease is on rise.so better to check with doctor to examine.also observe if baby has any fever.
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Question: My 13days baby only motion is happening,, so wht is the reason for that,, can any one tell me
Answer: Hi dear , I would like you to elaborate on this is ur Baby not peeing at all??
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