2 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby s 50 days old. She s keep on sleeping in the day and takes feeding even at night time in the interval of two or three hrs once. Sometimes it night time she takes feeding one hr once for 7 to 10 mins . Mrng fully she s in sleep and takes feed four hr once. She s passing poo and urine. Am totally confused what to do and make her to gain weight. Pls help me friends. She never wakes up and takes feed it I disturb

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Answer: Hello! Don't worry babies sleep like this only. Please wake your baby every two hours and feed her. Even if she is sleeping, you need to wake her up for feeding. She might as well go of to sleep again in mid of feed, but do wake her by tinkling under her feet or behind the ears to wake her up. It is better that's you do not give such long gaps in between the feeds. Take care
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    Jaya Lakshmi683 days ago

    I have tried all the things which u said but she never suck she wil be closing her mouth and splitting the milk. I don't know what to do

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