2 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby pooping for 20 times a day in less quantity. He has given vaccine yesterday. How to reduce the problem

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Answer: Hi dear. Babies have increased gastrocolic reflex.. So they pass stools after each feed. Its normal If your baby takes formula feed, try changing the brand, because sometimes some brands don't get adjusted to the baby Try changing. Other than that it's perfectly normal and nothing to worry at all.. After vaccinations too baby passes motion contiously. Please ensure baby is well hydrated and doesn't get dehydrated. Make sure the number of feeds are more than the number of motions.
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Question: I felt my baby is taking less feed he is 4 months old how many times he has to take feeding in a day
Answer: Hello dear U should feed ur baby for atleast 20 to 30 minutes to ur baby at a time. Also u have to feed ur baby after every 2 hrs because as ur baby is small he will pass urine after every feed because of which ur baby will again feel hungry.
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Question: How many times formula milk (quantity)given to 43 days baby per day.
Answer: It is not based on the times it's based on the hunger of the baby. If you don't have BM then you need to use formula milk for the baby as many times as the baby feel hungry.
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Question: hi how many times baby has to poo in a day .my baby is 8 month old he always poo 3 times in day is it normal
Answer: absolutely normal my baby used to poop 5 times and i consulted many doctors and all said its normal.
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