5 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby one side head is flattened... Now if I use that head shapping pillow will her head be back to normal size... Will it become in correct shape.. Or if she grows up it will be in shape... Am worried about her head...

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Answer: Yes you can use the pillow, it would eventually take round shape.
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Question: My baby has become flat. Will it shape change to round if i use pillow now?
Answer: Hi.. It occurs when a baby's head develops a flat spot due to pressure on that area. Baby's skull is soft when they are born. So when baby is sleeping only in one side then it leads to flat spot in that area.In most cases, flat spots usually go away when a baby starts sitting up on its own. Change the head position while your baby sleeps.Reposition your baby's head when your baby is sleeping on the back, Hold your baby more often, give enough tummy time to ur baby. Yes, u can also use ragi pillow for ur baby till 1 yr.
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Question: My baby is 3 months 20 days old...her head flattened from back side..how to correct it
Answer: Hi.. Dear use mustard seeds pillow.. is very highly beneficial and traditionally popular for babies. It helps to increase the air and blood circulation of your baby's head. You can adjust the contours of the pillow to shape your baby's head and prevent the flat-head syndrome.. You can make it yourself at home.. You can but it from any baby store or online..
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Question: My baby is four months old now and My baby's head shape is flattened on the back.. He normally sleeps on the mattress without any pillow under his head. Can I do anything to correct the head shape now??
Answer: massage the baby head nicely making a circular shape and turn the baby to sleep on sides. you can use mustard seeds pillow. and soft cotton pillows.
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