5 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby 6months old can i give ceralac to him

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Answer: Yes dear, you can start with fruit based cerelac, and fruit puree and vegetables soup you can start now, after 1 month you can add grains in your baby diet.
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Question: Can i give ceralac to my 6months old baby girl?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you start with rice cerelac and change to other flavors gradually. Take care.
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Question: Hi my son 4 month old... Shall i give ceralac to him
Answer: Hello... No dear, not now, according to pediatrician , breast milk is only needed for six months,after six months can introduce solids like ragi porridge,wheat porridge,cerelac,but whatever you feed , should be in semisolid consistency,sothat it is easily to swallow and digestible
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Question: Hi, my baby 3months old may i give ceralac for him
Answer: You should avoid giving solids at such an early age.atleast wait till the baby gets 4 months old, or can sit with support and hold his neck properly. Continue exclusive breast feeding for 6 months for best growth of the baby
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