1 months old baby

Question: Hi. My baby is only 3kg in weight. What can I do to increase his weight. He is now 6 weeks.

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Answer: Just proper breastfeeding will increase the baby weight
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Question: My baby is in 3rd month now..her weight was 2.500gm at the time of born in 32weeks...now 3kg in third month her weight increase only 500gm..what i can do to increase her weight
Answer: Hi dear I am sure your baby is on Milk or preferably on breast milk only and babies weight gain according to babies birth weight has been good till now, now post birth every baby lose few grams of weight I am sure your baby has also lost it now please check the date and start calculating from the 15th day of the baby's birth from 15th day onwards the baby should increase a minimum weight of at least 20 grams birthday if that has happened till date there is no need to worry baby is fine.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 7 months old.. His weight is only 6.700kg .what can I do to increase his weight?
Answer: Hi Whats your babys birth weight? By 6 months weight should double Triple by 1 year Continue to feed bm. It. Has all the nutrients that one requires. Start giving him home cooked family food along with ghee Make sure he eats at least 3 to 4 meals Include lots of fruits and vegetables
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Question: My baby boy is 10 months old to increase his weight what can I do. He is only 10 kg
Answer: 10kgs is good weight don't worry about that. Giving soups and water content foods because of now summer
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Question: My baby has completed 8 months old.. his birth weight was 3.4kg.. he is only 7 kg now.. What can I do to increase baby weight..
Answer: Hello! Babies use lot of energy during this age. It is important that they have proper food. Rather than quantity, focus should be on the quality. Try these food for gaining his weight. Try these super foods for the growth and weight gaining.  Sweet potato  Ragi  Broccoli  Moong dal  Full fat curd  Banana.  Apart from this always give fresh homemade food. Cook or add ghee in the food of your baby. Also you can start adding dry fruits powder in the porridge you serve to the baby.  Take care
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