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Question: Hi my baby is one year old n now he got lice in his hair wat to do

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Answer: Pls Don't use any medicated shampoo available in market
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Question: need help regarding lice treatment.. my baby got lice in hair from my maid.. wat shud I do ? 3 months is my baby now
Answer: Massage your baby’s hair with coconut oil mixed with camphor. After that using a soft hair comb brush out baby's hair. While bathing baby use comb to brush baby's hair under running water. its the most effective and easiest way to get rid of lice. water flow shouldn't be to fast. You can take someone's help. one person can hols baby’s head while other one can pour water over baby’s hair while brushing his hair.
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Question: My baby is 7 months old. He has lice in his hair what to do plz tell
Answer: Apply any baby oil to scalp of baby Leave it to air free for about 15-20 mins Brush your baby hair gently with special lice comb from root of hair to tip Repeat this for twice or thrice in week
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Question: My baby is 9 months old n i found little lice n nits in her hair . What to do?
Answer: Hi dear you can boil some neem leaves and massage this water in your baby's hair everyday you can also massage coconut oil with Kapoor in it these are some of the natural ways lice don't like strong smells. there are Ayurvedic oils available in the market such as oona oil for anti lice. I have not found anti lice shampoo used as effective that is my view. Use a nits comb also.
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