2 months old baby

Question: Hi. My baby is 2mos old this coming March 9 but his weight is only 4.5kg and he look so thinny and dark. He is purely formula milk since birth, is that the reason why he is so thinny?

4 Answers
Answer: we are always misguided by advertisement showing plumpy babies always and want ours also to look like that but in my service of 15 years in the hospital I have always witnessed the plumpy babies are the ones who always maximum fall ill , I've seen thinner babies very active and resistant to infection, if ur baby is healthy , active just forget he is thin , and the weight uve mentioned is jus normal so don't worry your other concern is FM don't worry nowadays all FM are adequately. fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals, just take care of his feeding equipment steriliseproperly try olive oil massage for his color
Answer: I dnt think weight is any issue here. weight is perfectly fine. for initial 1-2 months weight reduces because baby comes out of a womb and the water in the body reduces
Answer: 4.5 kg in 2 months is quite normal weight u are not needed to worry.
Answer: It's normal plz dont worry dear