8 months old baby

Question: hi my baby is 7months old(226days)..im jst gvng her rice n dal ki khicdi at afternoon n cerelac at evng,remaining she z fully on bm nly.. is it ok

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Answer: By far your baby has tasted most of the cereals, vegetable and fruits. Also you are aware of his likes and dislikes..Now you are free to include more food items in his meal plan. Also now you can experiment with 2 3 ingredients in one dish. Breakfast - Ragi porridge/ Barley porridge /apple oats porridge /Banana rice porridge/ wheat daliya/Suji kheer Lunch- moong dal khichadi, tomato rice, vegetable khichadi, paneer rice, Carrot lentil soup. Dinner- mashed potatoes, pumpkin puree, carrot soup, spinach puree, peas puree,
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Question: My daughter is 7months old but she is not eating anything like dal rice water, cerelac, mashed banana, milk
Answer: Start with dal and rice water dont give or force her...if she use feeding bottle u can give dal water in it...and for cerelac mashed banana have patience once she gets used to rice water and dal water she will gradually start liking for semi solid food
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Question: hi my baby girl z 8 months old her do z 11 July till now she z on bf I give her even cerelac rice vegetables & fruits but now I want to stop bf plz suggest how can i
Answer: Hello! This is not the right time to stop bf. Till the age of 1 yrs, bf is the main source of food for your baby. Also give her different varieties of food, add vegetables, dal, fruits in her food and avoid store bought cerelac.
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Question: constipation for 7.3 months old baby girl. she is on bm n solids...like chickoo, apple puree, rice n dal porridge, rice n dal overcooked with lil ghee, mashed potato and carrot
Answer: Add banana to her diet it will relieve constipation. Also give her water at regular intervals. You can also add little heeng to her food it will aid digestion.
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