3 months old baby

Question: Hi... My baby is 3months old ..from the day she born I'm giving her formula milk.. There wl be any problem to her in future... Pls reply me I'm so worried about her

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Answer: Hai dear both formula and breast milk are good for the baby but compare to formula breast milk have more nutrients and good for babys health. If u r feeding formula milk before 4 months u hv to observe wether the baby can digest or not I mean to say the baby feels hungry or not . Here y we preferred the formula milk the reasons may be the mother is not getting the milk or the milk is not sufficient to baby.But compare to formula milk breast milk is best for both mother and baby .whatever dear give formula milk only once in a day Remaining times u can feed mother milk incase u r getting the milk from u. Finally there is no clarity about feeding the formula milk the baby will effect it z also good for the baby but before 5 months baby. We hv to feed only 1 time in a day we hv to feed formula milk t.c
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    Usha R64 days ago

    Thanks Dr

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Question: My baby is 3months old... She is popping once in every 5days.. She has constipation problem... Am nly giving her breast feeding... No formula milk
Answer: it is normal, specially if she is on exclusive breast feed , cause almost all of it is absorbed by the body and there is not much left to poo out.Start massaging her little belly giving a little pressure, in a clockwise motion (this helps clogged gas and poop to move through the intestines)..it is effective.
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Question: My baby is 85 days old she is on formula which now am unable to effort so today i started giving her buffalos milk is there any probm
Answer: Hello, Dear baby is very small and buffalo is very hard to digest by baby. So it's better to consult with your doctor once before giving this milk to baby.
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Question: My baby does not suck my breast milk from the day she was born. Dr recommend Nan Pro formula milk. From the first day she was drink that but till now we do not notice that much of weight gain. Baby of her age and she totally different weight. I'm so worried
Answer: Use candid mouth paint. Take 5 drops in your little finger 5 times and gently apply on his tounge. You will see the result on the first day.
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