1 months old baby

Question: Hi....my baby is 45days old and the bcg spot has swollen up and has become red ...will it burst open? Is it necessary to apply something on the area?

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Answer: Hi dear BCG wounds are self healed there is no need to apply anything on your BCG wound it would be open on its own and it will heal on its own do it might take time Since your baby is only 45 days old there is still a long time for the BCG to burst open.. Hope this helps!
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    Shyama M.S65 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Hi My baby is 9 months old . He was vaccinated on Friday. The area where was vaccinated is become hard and solen. Slightly red on the poked area. What can I do ??? Anything to apply???
Answer: Hello! Try to apply ice pack on the area. It is the best medicine for reducing the swelling. Take care
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Question: Hello...my baby is having a red spot on his back shoulder and some head part also...first it red then become a white spot...what is it
Answer: Hello,,if its frm d birth dan dont wry it may remove automatically,my daughter has also a red birth mark..but slowly it vanished it self,,but though if u have any doubt consult a child spclst,😊
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Question: Is it necessary to give BCG again if the baby has not got the mark??
Answer: It depends sometimes the vaccine might not have been effective and it may be advised to give again.
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Question: My baby is one and half month old. BCG injection given place has become red and its bit swollen and with pus. Is it okey?and due to this he is having 99 and 100 fever also
Answer: It's normal...My baby also has same issue
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