Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi...my baby is 8days old...after feeding he is sleeping only for 10min...again he starts crying ...I dont know what to do..but he is crying a lot and no proper sleep for him...

Answer: Hi Dear! Sending lots of strength your way. It is a phase and it'll be gone soon. Just forget day and night for now. Forget all other work. Sleep with the baby and feed & feed. I know it's tiring fr you, but that's all you need to do right now. It'll go a long way in increasing your supply and making the baby healthy. Good luck!
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Question: Hi i dont know what happened today to my little boy.i breastfeed him he went to sleep again got up in a minut a again starts feeding.this happened for last 3 hours.dont know whether seriously he is hungry or what
Answer: It could be growth spurt, baby need more milk during this time!
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Question: Is dat compulsory to feed baby before sleep..my 3 mnth old baby boy crying a lot for sleep..and suddenly sleeps after crying...my mother-in-law says me to feed him as he starts crying...wat i do???
Answer: No it's not compulsory some times baby need your attention
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Question: Hi all.... My baby is 1yr and 3 mnt Old.... He is coughing a lot while sleeping, soon after sleeping cough starts, but no running nose,
Answer: Hi dear usually cough starts after lying on the bed only when it is very common see till the time the cold is there in the body the cough will not subside hence you need to work on the cold please great ginger and mix Honey with the extract and feed the baby on intervals the dry cough will subside soon.. Hope this helps!
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