7 months old baby

Question: Hi,my baby is now 7 months old. After delivery my memory has weaken. I am not able to remember few things on daily basis. What shd i do to regain memory?

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Answer: Hello, Dear have almonds daily. That will help you strong your memory..
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Question: Can I give digestive enzyme to my 20 months old boy on daily basis?
Answer: Hi,for medications it is better to consult to your Dr ,however for digestion you can give your baby ginger honey paste one teaspoon and give yoghurt to your baby daily freshly made as it helps to create natrual probiotics.which will help in digestion.
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Question: Hi i have now completed 9 months and 4th day now going on..but no any symptoms of delivery ..i am active enough able to do all the work on my own .what to do for inducing in to labour
Answer: Hi dear total pregnency days are 280 days.add 280 days u r lmp date.because baby growth starts from uvr ovalution day.do walking,drink plenty of water,yoga also helps to normal delivery.take care tq.
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Question: Hi my baby is 5 months old she does not do potty on daily basis what should I do
Answer: Hii There are no hard and fast rules. In the early months it will depend on whether you're breastfeeding or formula feeding your baby.  Breastfed babies who are not on solids may pass stool four times a day or more, or only once every six to seven days. All variations between these extremes is considered normal as long as the stools are soft and your baby is gaining enough weight.  Formula-fed babies normally need to poop every day to feel comfortable and avoid constipation.  Lots of babies strain and cry a bit when they poo, but it doesn't mean there's a problem. As long as your baby's stool is soft and easy to pass, there's no cause for concern. 
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